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Personal Training Sunnybank Hills

Whether your goal is to start exercising, improve your overall well being, lose some weight, improve muscular endurance, strength and the list goes on…..whatever your goal may be, this training is focused solely on you and what you want to achieve. In a private studio with no distractions, no room full of intimidating machines or people, this is your time to shine.

Personal training is just that:  it’s personal… it’s all about you.

Tailoring each session specifically to your goals, the overall focus is on functional training – using the muscles to replicate your every day movements. Resistance training, boxing, cardio, core stability are a few of the areas that can be covered in a session. With one on one attention, you will be guided through a program written specifically for you, targeting your goals, with a qualified and experienced trainer ensuring that form and technique are correct.

At K2 Transformation, our goal is to ensure you get the very best out of your body and the session whilst working up a sweat and having some fun.

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Meet Karen, Personal Trainer, Sunnybank Hills and Group Fitness Co-ordinator.

Meet Kim, Group Fitness Instructor, Sunnybank Hills

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