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Personal Trainer, Coopers Plains - Karen Horsfall

Karen’s qualifications

Personal Trainer /Group Fitness Coordinator

  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Accredited Boxacise Coach – Level 1
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Functional Training & Advanced Core Conditioning
  • Functional Training Level 1 – Strength Training
  • Functional Training Level 2 – Sports Conditioning
  • MetaFit Coach
  • PoundFit Instructor


I’ve always done some sort of activity. My first foray was into gymnastics at around 5 years old – probably wasn’t the best type of exercise for me….I always landed on my head…for everything!! I switched to rhythmic gymnastics and won a couple of medals in a local competition at age 7 and then moved into jazz ballet and danced right through until I was about 25. I kick myself every now and then that I didn’t take advantage of doing teacher training when my teacher raised the idea at age 16…..I love to dance, to move, to try steps and routines….although I’m at my best with my dancing when no one is watching!

Personal Trainer, Coopers Plains, Karen Horsfall K2 Transformation

I joined our local gym about age 24, but didn’t think it was necessary. I’d always danced and attempted sport stuff at school, my diet was quite good and I could drop weight if I needed to by changing my eating habits. I tried a boxacise class and vowed never to go back, I hated it! But I persevered and a year or so later, I was a qualified instructor and was coaching the boxacise classes on a regular basis because I loved it so much! The skills that I developed on the bag, mastering the speedball, competing in skipping contests for speed, doing demonstrations at local fetes….the confidence it gave me and the buzz was awesome and I ended up running classes for about 8 years. The classes were all done to music and the energetic, driving music got me really pumped up. I discovered that the more I did the classes, the better I became at the apparatus and the better I felt about myself, my fitness improved and my overall body shape changed for the better.

I battled a few injuries particularly with the knees (Patella Femoral Syndrome is the technical term) and although under control, the knees remind me every now and then of my age! I decided to do further studies and obtained my Group Fitness Leader and Aerobics Instructor qualification. And I still wanted more from my body. For me, it was about the challenge, both mental and physical to see what I could do – if I put the effort in, how far could I go? Whilst still teaching classes, doing my own cardio and weights sessions, I added personal training into the mix. I can still remember getting out of bed the day after my first session….it was like I had been sleeping on pebbles….every ounce of me hurt no matter which way I moved. It hurt to wash my hair, I couldn’t use the toilet properly because I couldn’t sit down…..but that was it….I was hooked – knowing that I had the capacity within me to do things I’d never dreamt of was empowering!

Karen, K2 Transformation

Like most athletes (I use that term loosely because we all have athletic tendencies waiting to be discovered!), I have at times ignored my body and the warning signs. I have overtrained, trained while injured (which I don’t recommend) and felt disheartened, lost my way with exercise and have started from scratch several times to re-build my body to get it back to where I want it to be. And I’ve tried different things to hold on to the euphoria of a challenge and that’s where it has all changed for me….taking up gymnastics as an adult, while exhilarating, challenging and exciting, may have been a little too adventurous.

I tore a tendon (the TFCC) in my left wrist doing a pullover on the uneven bars. What ensued was a tumultuous 12 months of inner battles with self-loathing, shattered self-esteem, rivers of tears cried, restricted training, icing, taping, rehab, steroid injections and finally surgery. My rehab is still continuing and it’s likely that I will be doing some sort of rehab for the rest of my life. I have finally found peace with that and with the support of my family, particularly Kim, and my own determination I have come out the other side with a renewed respect for my body – how I treat it, what I put in it and how I train it. I had to take a step back and give my body the attention it deserved and it repaid me in kind by responding positively with what I was doing – my own personal transformation! It’s likely that it will take a good 12 months to get back to a position where I’m working towards my peak but with my mind in the right space, fuelling my body appropriately, working the muscles through those physical and mental road blocks and pure dedication, anything is possible.

For me, the biggest kick I get is when a client has a Meg Ryan, When Harry Met Sally moment…”I’ll have what she’s having”…..but more “I want to do what she’s doing” or “I want to do….”. Aim to be Better than Yesterday’s Best. Whatever your goal, passion, focus or desire is, I’ll help you get there, pain free, injury free and loving every minute of it.