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Why World Organics?

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Some of you may have noticed that we’ve introduced a new arm into K2 Transformation. World Organics offers luxurious certified organic skin care and organic make up for people who care about the purity and quality of the products they use. World Organics are also big believers in holistic beauty –

“There is much more to beauty than the way we look. Beauty is also a state of mind and an expression of our wellbeing. It is about the way we live our lives. We choose to live a holistic lifestyle – built on living in harmony with nature, whilst celebrating what is good for us, our community and the planet. Our products form a part of this. They are our connection to you and the foundation for a new way of expressing what it means to be beautiful.”

This resonates so strongly with the way Karen and I live our lives and what we want to share with our clients.

My friends will all confirm that I am a big fan of make up and beauty products.   I was an Avon lady for many years, mainly so I could get the products at a discounted price! And I have attended several make up artist training courses run by Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy. I was seriously contemplating becoming a make up artist or a beauty therapist, however my passion for health and fitness won out and I felt I could be of more service helping people to be active and healthy.

So by endeavouring to become fitter and healthier, I started studying nutrition and became passionate about eating real food, avoiding processed food, avoiding nasty chemicals, staying hydrated, and exercising to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body to help it function more effectively.   As I delved further and further into my research, I discovered that the same advice was being given for healthy skin – eat well, avoid junk food, exercise regularly to nourish skin cells, drink water to flush the toxins from the body, and avoid products with harmful synthetic chemicals. So we were already offering the same advice – we just didn’t have the “avoid the harmful chemicals” option sorted.

Then my friend Megan introduced me to World Organics and I started thinking….. I didn’t jump in straight away. Like everything, I am skeptical until I can do my own research and my own thinking. That’s why you won’t find me jumping on the bandwagon of the latest fad diet or new exercise craze – let me research the pros and cons first, check the reviews, test it out thoroughly and see what the experts think before recommending it to people who trust me to know what’s good and what’s dodgy. Not that Megan would put me on to anything that was dodgy, but I needed something that ticks a lot of boxes, like:


  • no microbeads polluting the waterways and harming marine-life
  • no animal testing or animal cruelty (Some WO products do contain beeswax so it isn’t entirely vegan – but as I’m not vegan or even a vegetarian I am completely comfortable with this)
  • no harmful synthetic chemicals – our bodies respond better to chemical compounds as nature intended them. It’s the same with our food.
  • recyclable packaging – even their aluminium tubes. Taking this one step further, the packaging is made with sustainable forestry card and they print with vegetable inks
  • fair trade practices in foreign countries and ethically sourced products – including no forced labour or child labour, safe and decent working conditions.
  • Ingredients are sourced from all over the world from all different climates, where the plants grow best – in the ground, not in laboratories.


So with all my crucial boxes ticked off, it was now to test the range for the fun stuff – did it smell awesome? Did it feel awesome? Did it leave my skin feeling awesome? And oh my, I was thrilled that I could say yes each time! What a divine range of luxurious but natural products!

The clincher, however, was the makeup. Organic and natural – in a makeup? Relatively unheard of and the few I’ve tried have been pretty ho-hum. I have one mineral foundation that I love, but there was only a pressed powder foundation on offer, not a liquid foundation. So I put the makeup to the test, and was again so pleasantly surprise – this divine, natural, organic, oh so good for your skin foundation was on par with the most expensive brands of makeup I’ve ever used. And just like that, I was sold!

My final criteria was that World Organics have stayed true and focused to their core line. They haven’t branched out into superfoods or supplements or any other fads just to sell products. And for that, I am more than happy to support their brand.

For now, I am not running pamper parties or makeover sessions (but I am excited to be able to do this so watch this space!) Until I get the chance to start holding these sessions properly, I do have my online store up and running so that anyone can purchase online and have the products shipped directly to their home. So if you want to shop, go nuts!


If you have any questions regarding any of the products, please let me know and I will get back to you with an answer asap.

And remember – Beauty is a state of mind and an expression of our wellbeing. It is about the way we live our lives. Be beautiful – inside and out.




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