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Why Personal Training?

Personal Training – why we are big supporters of it!!

Okay, so what is it and how can it benefit an individual? In most situations, as soon as someone hears the words “personal trainer” they think of expensive exercise session throwing money away when you could do it all yourself at the gym, in the park or at home. Sound familiar? But personal training is so much more than that.

personal trainer

In the occupation of personal training, here’s a number of hats your trainer will wear: friend, confidante, counsellor, motivator, educator, coach, mentor, exercise instructor, medical assistant…..and the list goes on. All of these aspects combine into one person being there and present for you in your training session. Some of the hats above are enough to change a life before you even start exercising and a knowledgeable, well rounded personal trainer will know when to be all of those aspects to clients.

But what about the physical/exercise side of the training? It’s an unfortunate fact that our society is changing and our lives are getting busier and busier and the fitness industry has had to adapt to changes demanded by modern life, that is, being able to exercise at any time of the day or night. The industry is also very competitive with many 24/7 establishments now open and gone are the expensive lock in contracts: in some places you can pay maybe $10 a week and cancel when you feel like. But how does that have anything to do with benefits of personal training, you ask? Ah…here’s the thing. You join up to the 24/7 gym, you have your initial induction, you might get an initial complimentary PT session, you maybe shown the basics of the machines and then you are left to your own devices. It will soon become apparent that when you need to ask a question about a machine or can’t remember the weight or how to use them, there isn’t anyone available. Unless you really understand the principles of exercise and how the machines can help you, you will slowly start to avoid some areas of the gym because you perceive it as being of no benefit to you. You try the machines again but end up with an injury but have no idea why and lastly, it all becomes too much, you’ve lost motivation, you can’t see any results so you cancel your membership and vow to never exercise again. With a personal trainer, you get your initial session (can be more of a meet and greet, perhaps a structural assessment or fitness assessment), each session involves the trainer demonstrating and explaining the exercises, muscles being worked, what is trying to be achieved etc; the trainer will provide guidance with the movement pattern, correct form and technique, adjust exercises to suit the client depending fatigue, aches, pains, illness (basically anything that a client is struggling with at the start of the session, the trainer can adjust the planned session accordingly) and the trainer will also motivate you to get the best out of each session. In the end, you start to understand more about exercising and the importance of a healthy/active lifestyle, you trust your trainer with planned sessions knowing that your session will suit you, your body and goals, you will be more motivated because you are now accountable to show up in the allocated time slot (because you don’t like it when people cancel on you so you won’t do the same) and bugger me, you start to see and feel results!!!!

Ultimately, it’s all about you and what you want to achieve and helping you to be the best you can be.

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