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Get back on track in 2016

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I don’t know about you but I can’t face the thought of food at the moment, so I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to give you a recipe this month! Instead, I thought it might be better to give you hints and tips to get your healthy lifestyle back on track! The best piece of advice […]

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Nourishment and Activity

take care of your body

Diet and Exercise vs Nourishment and Activity We all know that diet and exercise are crucial for weight loss, weight management and health and wellbeing in general. But the terms diet and exercise have negative connotations for so many people. Diet is associated with the concepts of restriction, depravation, guilt etc, while exercise conjures up […]

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Weights vs Cardio

cardio vs weights

There seem to be many debates circulating at the moment trying to determine which is better for weight loss, fitness and toning – cardio exercise or weight training? It does really depend on your goals, but unless you are a body builder, we recommend that you incorporate both into your weekly routine. The word cardio […]

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No willpower?

remove temptation

Kim says “Why beat yourself up over a lack of willpower?” One of the common themes I hear with my clients is “I’m so weak, I just can’t stop at one biscuit”, “I know I should be stronger, but when there’s a packet of chips open I just keep eating until they are finished”, “I […]

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Kim says “Planning is the key”

Kim, K2 Transformation

  Everyone seems to be looking for the “secret” to losing weight and keeping it off, like it is one distinct thing that is currently eluding them and when they find out what it is, the weight will magically just disappear. That’s why there are so many miracle diets, cleanses, supplements and pills – people […]

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What is K2 Transformation all about?

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How did K2 Transformation come about and what inspired you to launch K2? I’m addicted to group fitness classes and made great friendships through the shared love of working out. But I started to notice the people who weren’t loving it so much – the ones who were brave enough to come to a gym […]

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