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Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaching


Lifestyle, Food and Wellness coaches give their clients the motivation and tools they need to achieve their physical and emotional health goals. Wellness coaching will give you the foundations to permanently maintain a healthier lifestyle through physical activity, healthy eating habits and mental fortitude.

Wellness coaches can show you steps to take and give you encouragement to achieve an active lifestyle, eat a healthy diet and reach your health and wellbeing goals.

Unlike a nutritionist or physical therapist who make specific diet and exercise recommendations, a wellness coach will help you make better general choices that fit with your lifestyle.

Through the questions your coach asks, together you’ll define your goals and the challenges that could stand in your way. Then you’ll outline the steps you’ll need to take to achieve those goals.

You’ll have homework assignments — things to think about or do between coaching sessions to work toward your goals. You might need to write in a journal or create “action plans” of things you want to accomplish.

Your K2 Transformation wellness coach will offer support and guidance every step of the way, and will hold you accountable for achieving your goals. If you make the commitment to transform your health and wellbeing with K2 Transformation, we will do everything in our power to help you succeed.