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K2 Transformation Group Fitness Timetable July 2015

Commencing 13 July 2015

July Timetable PDF

Group Fitness Classes

Our small group fitness classes are designed to make your workout efficient, convenient, and fun!

*  Express 40 minute format for all classes to easily fit into busy lives

* Variety of class options to suit all fitness and energy levels

* Maximum of 10 participants in each class to make sure you get the best results from your workout every time.

Rebounder Rave: A high intensity, low impact cardio workout choreographed to music on mini trampolines. This class is great for all ages and fitness levels and is a fun way to work up a sweat! Trampolining is one of the most efficient and effective type of exercise for the entire body that is widely unknown. It has all of the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and strength training (improved circulation, increased strength, develops balance and coordination, etc.) Rebounder Rave provides a calorie burning strength conditioning workout while protecting the joints from fatigue and impact delivered by exercising on hard surfaces.

Bosu Booty: A total body conditioning workout. The Bosu is basically half a swiss ball and the acronym stands for BOth Sides Utilised. This versatile fitness device gives you a full body workout, which is great for getting the metabolism going. In a single session you work out the chest, arms, shoulders, core, glutes, legs and more by super setting your way to a better body. The combination of one stable and one unstable surface means the Bosu is particularly useful for improving balance, ankle strength, agility, core stability, and total body conditioning as well.

Boxing Blast: This class caters to people of all ages and fitness levels and can be adapted from beginner to advanced. We start with a low impact warm up followed by circuit of 2 minute sets across a combination of punch drills, skipping, light weights training, bag work and stretching. This circuit class has been designed to work each muscle group and improves reflexes, co-ordination, agility, strength, power and overall body conditioning.

TABATA: A form of high intensity interval training which uses 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for 8 cycles. Each 8 cycle set focuses on the one move, and the moves are simple so no coordination is required, which makes this class great for beginners through to the most advanced as you determine how hard you want to work through the entire class.

Skip2Beat: Combining fun, function and funky new beats,Skip2Beat strips fat fast, gets the blood pumping and tones from head to toe. Skipping or jumping rope is an incredibly effective way to get fit, burn fat and tone. Our high intensity approach maximises muscle retention and minimises fat stores. Train hard, train short with express classes that deliver results. High-intensity, interval training in a 40-minute class, Skip2Beat is designed to burn 500 calories per session.

Small Group Resistance Training: Designed for those looking to supplement their personal training sessions and factor an additional strength training session into their workout routine. Small group resistance training uses medicine balls, dumbbells and resistance bands as well as your own body weight to build strength. These classes are capped at 5 participants to ensure your form and technique is correct so you get the best possible results.

RollaFLEX (coming September 2015): RollaFLEX is a mood enhancing class, that lengthens your muscles through foam rolling and yoga-inspired stretching. The recovery, flexibility and performance boosting exercises will increase blood circulation, reduce scar tissue and increase range of movement. It is an essential addition to any training regime.


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